Daniel’s Habit of Prayer

If at all you would like to end up in prison; for what crime might that be? Shocked? We now look at a man who landed in a den of lions for the sole crime of praying to God. That too at the age of eighty plus. His name is Daniel.

When a law was passed in the land that anyone who prayed to any god or man in the next thirty days to be thrown into the lion’s den it was very evident that it was targeted at Daniel.

Those in the court who were jealous of Daniel’s integrity and exceptional qualities were trying to trap him. And the only way they found to do so was to find some way to make his relationship with his God illegal according to the law of the land!

Is your relationship with God known to others? Does your daily conduct reflect this? Can others see that it is God’s hand on your life that enables you to excel in your secular duties? The challenge is to be exceptionally good at your work and let others come to know the source of your strength and wisdom.

Now we find Daniel coming to know that the law has been passed. No panic. No disturbance to his peace. No going to the king to get an exemption. He simply went and prayed “as he had done before (Daniel 6:10).” He got down on his knees and gave thanks to God.

See he had a habit of prayer. Therefore it was his great asset during this crisis. Many believers have not yet developed a habit of prayer. This is the cause of their lack of power with God and with men.

You can pray in your car or while you take bath. That is fine. You can send a quick prayer to God when a situation takes you by surprise and puts you into difficulty. But that is not enough. And if you pray compelled by a sense of duty, you are sadly mistaken in your understanding of prayer.

See prayer is taking you right into the presence of the living God. Even the king knew what kind of God Daniel served. He was addressed like this: “Daniel, servant of the living God,” and “whom you serve continually” (Daniel 6:20). See it was an abiding relationship and a very personal, intimate relationship that Daniel had with God in prayer.

It is not too late. Why not start a habit of prayer today itself? Find a place and time for you to pray. Even Jesus withdrew from the crowds and went to lonely places to pray. If you have some silly excuses about finding a time and private place for prayer, I hope you are greater than Daniel and more powerful than Jesus himself!

And if you have a habit of prayer, know that it will impact your immediate family inspiring them to seek God as well.

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