I Believe in Praying

God himself has initiated prayer. He has asked us to call to him in prayer. It is an invitation that we should feel welcome to respond to.

Jesus taught us to persist in prayer. He told that we should always pray and never give up. Therefore we should never be discouraged in prayer even when the answer doesn’t seem to come by easily.

Prayer, when answers are delayed, will reveal our own thoughts to us. It will show us what our real reasons for praying were. It is when our hearts truly delight in God and in the glory of his name that our prayers are going to be answered.

It is a big motivation for us to pray to know that when even a child prays in true faith, God answers. You need not be an extraordinary giant of faith to pray. Even if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can expect to move mountains in prayer. This is what Jesus said.

Sometimes the reason why we have to pray is as simple as God loves to listen to us talk to him. Like any parent would delight in the simplest thoughts that their little children would like to share with him or her.

Prayer shapes our character. Even before the answer comes God changes our heart. When we are fearful, he makes our heart bold and courageous even before he answers prayer. This is a greater miracle than the answer. No wonder the disciples prayed for boldness in witnessing for Christ rather than the stopping of all persecution.

Prayer helps us to stop focusing on our problems. Instead it helps us to see our mighty God, the one able to meet all our needs. Even when everything is shaking around us, when empires rise and fall, his throne is immovable. God is in command always. Prayer makes us know this reality.

Prayer helps us enjoy the presence of God. How else can we know the joy of the presence of God, if we do not spend time with him in prayer?

Finally, the invitation to pray is also linked to the promise that he will answer our prayers and show us great and unsearchable things we do not know. Several are such promises. Some state that even before we finish praying, he will answer. Some other instances tell us that even though the answer was delayed due to opposition in the heavenly realms, the answer was given even as we began to pray!

When all is said and done, one cannot miss the fact that the pages of the Bible contain stories of great difficulties overcome through the exercise of prayer and answers that came when Almighty God answered prayer.

Therefore say with me, “I believe in praying!” And start praying now.

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