God Keeps My Lamp Burning

The truth is that believers pass through times of doubt and despair in spite of their faith and trust in God. It has become difficult to hold on to faith in such experiences of darkness because everywhere we hear preachers who talk of “always smiling happy victorious life.”

The Bible is different as it speaks the truth. It shows us the depth of darkness that clouded some the great saints of God. David was one such man. In the song he wrote after God had delivered him from the hands of Saul, he said, “You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light” (Psalm 18:28 NIV).

The comfort we get from this is experienced in two ways.

One, God is not in the business of snuffing out; but preserving. So many of us go through our entire lives looking back to see whether God is coming just behind us, snooping on us like a spy and to catch us in our wrongs and then punish us. The interesting thing is that he doesn’t need a web camera. Even before a word is on our tongue, he knows it completely (Psalm 139:4).

This complete knowledge about us should make us humble enough to accept the fact that he knows all about our sins, failures, shortcomings, mistakes and our moments of darkest despair. And his love for us is bigger than all these.Therefore know that God is more interested in keeping the light he has ignited in our hearts burning than snuffing it out in pitch darkness.

Two, we need to realize that darkness and despair in our lives is not the end of the story when is God is with us, in us, and for us! Difficult times in life are God-send in the sense that they are used by God to teach us how to walk in darkness with just the knowledge that God is holding our hand even though we don’t see him, and even though we can’t see one step ahead.

Yes, God does not lead us from darkness to darkness; but from darkness to light. For every temptation that seems to overwhelm us he has made a way of escape. For every hour of trial that we face he has set a time of to give us deliverance. For every bondage that pulls us down; he cries out saying, “Let my child go; set him free.”

Perhaps, along with David, you need to turn your focus away from the troubles of your life to God who is bigger than everything. There is no need to be ashamed of the doubts and real ugly temptations that pass through your mind. For it is when you climb higher that you feel the force of the winds more stronger. The greater the attack of the enemy; know that your fort is still intact and unconquered. Trust God in the dark; and he will cause you to rejoice in the light.

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