Character Signatures

Character Signatures are a special kind of patterns. They are insights found in the New Testament on the life and character of Old Testament men and women of God. These glimpses into their lives give us a more accurate picture of what gave their lives such significance and impact.

Character Signatures have a right to be classified under Patterns not because the truth is found in two forms. But without this second reference in the New Testament the understanding that we would have of those Old Testament men and women of God would not be complete. So we refer to the short references in the New Testament as signatures revealing that quality in the lives of the Old Testament saints which makes them stand out as outstanding men and women of God.

In Character Signatures we are thus presenting that one quality–Signature– in the life of each of the Old Testament saints. In other words we are presenting an overall Pattern that is characteristic of the New Testament in revealing compelling insights into the lives of Old Testament saints. We can apply these signatures in the New Testament to our lives to make it more meaningful for Christ.

  1. Elijah—A Man Just Like Us
  2. Job—Patience and Perseverance in Suffering
  3. Moses—Hard Choices for Christ’s Sake
  4. Abraham—A Stranger in a Foreign Country
  5. Aaron—Called by God
  6. Sarah—Unfading Beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit
  7. Lot—Distressed and Tormented by Lawlessness
  8. Enoch—The Earliest One Who Prophesied of Jesus’ Second Coming and Experienced it!

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