Taming Your Tongue (Part 3)

There are many well-meaning Christians who unknowingly glorify Satan in their talks constantly. This happens when they are obsessed with finding demonic activity in every bad incident that comes across their way.

Then they keep saying that the devil did this and did that. But sadly they are yielding worship to the devil by doing so; for he seeks worship (Ref. Matt 4:8, Luke 4:7). If you’re in this habit, just check how many times you talk about the devil everyday.

In connection with this kind of talk comes the language of doubt, defeat and discouragement. Many Christians make it a habit of talking negatively all the time. That means that they are dominated by the circumstances around them.

That means they fail to acknowledge the resurrection power of God in their lives. And the sad part is that they think that they should talk like that only. They consider it a part of their humility.

But talking negatively doesn’t honor God. Moreover it destroys the faith of those who hear it. Read the negative talk of the spies and the faith-talk of Joshua and Caleb (Numbers 13:26 to 14:45). Read about how they had to face the consequences of their words. Be sure to speak the language of faith always.

And finally, keep in mind that words have power. It can be creative; it can also destroy. As we read Genesis Chapter 1, we find God’s word in its creative power. As we read 2 Peter Chapter 3 and verse 7 we find that God’s word is going to be employed in judgment and destruction.

So be careful not to speak negatively; because it destroys. It can never be creative. That is why many children of negative-speaking parents having feelings of worthlessness all through their lives. So, speak the language of faith, because it is createive, it prospers and builds-up! Talk faith!

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