God’s Best Music comes from Flawed Instruments  (Part 3) Inferiority Because of Feelings of Worthlessness

When you grow up in an environment where people speak negative words to you, you cannot escape feeling worthless. They constantly compare you to others saying “See how that child is doing this. Why can’t you match their performance. You’re no good.”

 How your heart was crushed when you heard those piercing words! But the difficulty part was yet to come. Those words kept churning in your mind.

The mind became a tape recorder playing the words over and over again. Even when you grew up and started to achieve things these words held you in their powerful grip.

 You constantly felt an urge to compete and prove yourself. No amount of success could satisfy you because you still feel the power of those negative words. Truly the comparisons of your childhood had eroded your sense of worth.

David also suffered from verbal abuse in his childhood (Ref.1 Samuel 17:28). Growing up with seven strong elder brothers with this kind of verbal abuse might have definitely been a difficult experience for David.

Yet that was God’s training for the future king of Israel. Who knows for what future greatness God had allowed you to pass through the fire of negative criticism!

 Another kind of abuse that can create a sense of worthlessness is the physical abuse that can happen in childhood. It can take various forms. The trauma of such abuses are devastating. They cut painful memories through your entire being.

Joseph suffered it. He was stripped of his robe (Ref. Genesis 37:23). Your experience could have been more devastating. Yet, even if the process seems slow, know that God is at work to give you back your sense of worth.

He restores. When He does it, no one can prevent your march to greatness as He did for Joseph.

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