Elijah Was Afraid and Ran for His Life

Elijah was afraid and ran for his life (1 Kings 19:3a NIV).

There are two kinds of running possible for a Christian. Both of them were exhibited in the life of Elijah within a space of 24 hours!

The first running occurred when the power of the Lord came upon him. He was then enabled to run ahead of the chariots and horses of the king.

The second running was a running away in fear. This happened when the queen threatened to kill Elijah for killing off the prophets of Baal.

If you take a look at your life, you too will find that both these kind of running occurs. If it happened in the life of one of the mightiest of prophets, why shouldn’t it happen in your life as well?

Now take a look at the first kind of running. It talks about dependence on the Spirit of God to do mighty things; things normally not possible in your own strength.

There is usually a purpose in such running. Always remember that God never meant the Christian to run on his own strength. God has planned it in such a way that He expects you to run in the strength of the Spirit of God. When you do so, He will make even the things that look impossible a possibility.

Now look at the second kind of running. It was a running away from duty. It was a running motivated by fear. You have to note that there is nothing to be ashamed of if you feel afraid. Many saints of God have felt it many times in their lives.

But your response to it is what counts. Elijah could have remembered how God enabled him to challenge 850 prophets who served idols and totally kill them off after one of God’s mighty displays of His power.

He could have reasoned that the God who did that through him would enable him to face the threat of this wicked queen also. Probably he might have been totally emotionally exhausted to think along these lines, then.

The point to be noted is that when you feel afraid and feel like running; take a moment to think of what God did through you in the past. Remember how you ran in the power of God’s Spirit. And don’t give up God’s work. He still has work for you to complete!

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