Two Bronze Pillars, Jakin and Boaz

He erected the pillars at the portico of the temple. The pillar to the south he named Jakin and the one to the north Boaz (1 Kings 7:21 NIV).
These were the two impressive ornamental pillars that Huram completed for King Solomon. It stood outside at the portico of the temple. What was the exact purpose of these pillars, we do not know.

But the suggested meanings of the names given might throw some light on its significance. Jakin means “he establishes” and Boaz means “in him is strength.”

Since these pillars stood at the portico of the temple; they served as reminders of how lovely and true these truths are about God and His relationship to them.

The pillar, Jakin, must have reminded the people that it is God who established their kingdom for them. In the past, during Saul and David’s time the nation was at war. And during that time the nation was being consolidated as a kingdom under one ruler.

But now under Solomon, the kingdom was at peace and rest. No wars were being fought and there was no disaster. These conditions which prevailed had enabled King Solomon to build and complete the temple of God as desired by King David.

The pillar, Jakin, therefore must have reminded people that it is God who establishes the work of their hands. And you should also know that it is His blessing and approval that enables you to complete the work undertaken for His glory.

The pillar, Boaz, must have provoked the people to think on the truth that God was their strength. But it so happened that these people in later years put their trust in the temple rather than in God.

Finally, God rejected the temple He chose and also allowed it to be destroyed. It should remind you that your real strength does not come from accomplished works for God.

But your strength is in God alone. Therefore always be focused on your strength in God and let not your heart wander anywhere else.

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