Vision Concerns the Appointed Time of the End

He said: “I am going to tell you what will happen later in the time of wrath, because the vision concerns the appointed time of the end” (Daniel 8:19 NIV).

Angel Gabriel is talking to Daniel here telling him the meaning of a vision he saw. It tells us three things.

First, God alone has perfect knowledge of what is going to happen. This knowledge is not at all available to politicians, scientists, philosophers or technocrats.

But God chooses at times to reveal what is going to happen in the world in the future to His most beloved servants. Whatever is necessary for us to know has been revealed to us in this fashion through the Bible.

Second, there is a time of wrath coming. In spite of every effort by man to eradicate disease, poverty, wars, sufferings and other related problems for the creation of a better world; it won’t happen. No human effort can solve the massive scale of problems faced by mankind.

This is so because they totally deny God His rightful place in their plans. And without knowledge of the plans of God for this world peace will elude the world.

Finally, there is an appointed time of the end. The precise movements and rotations and revolutions of galaxies and planets are going to come to a standstill. The ticking of the clocks shall cease. The world will come to a paralyzing halt when this end shall come.

For a definite, unchangeable time has been fixed. This time is in God’s control. No man can know it. So if you are wise in heart you will prepare to be ready for the end.

That simply means trusting in Jesus and in His precious blood that flowed on the Cross so that you can have forgiveness of your sins and be ready for your appointed end with God.

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