He Opened the Rock

He opened the rock, and water gushed out; like a river it flowed in the desert (Psalm 105:41 NIV).

The incident referred to here occurred in the desert wanderings of the Israelites. The might of God and the tenderness within Him is revealed here. The rock is the might of God.

We may not expect tenderness when we are faced with the might of God. Nor do we expect rock to hold water within it in our natural world. Yet God is much beyond our understanding.

He holds a great tenderness within His might. He defies our expectations and understanding as He opens the rock of His might to allow the water of His tenderness to gush out.

This water gushed forth and flowed like a river in the desert. When God opens forth His tenderness it becomes like a river. He does not measure it and give in drops but in river-like flow. It is not just a pool of water but a flowing river.

The flow talks of the gushing forth of God’s tenderness towards His children. This tenderness of God is not limited by the unlikeliness or the impossibility of the circumstances that His children find themselves in.

Here, the desert was an unlikely place where a river would flow. But the burning sands was the place where God chose to allow the water from the rock to flow like a river.

It is now up to you to drink of this river. He is showing His tenderness to you without limit. The flow is refreshing. There is plenty here. Do you find yourself today in a desert experience?

Go and stand in front of the rock; the might of God. He will open the rock to refresh you with the gushing water that shall flow like a river, satisfying you and engulfing you in His tenderness!

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