Jerusalem, She Did Not Consider Her Future

Her filthiness clung to her skirts; she did not consider her future. Her fall was astounding; there was none to comfort her (Lamentations 1:9a NIV).

Prophet Jeremiah is mourning over the total destruction of Jerusalem. Among many other things he finds one sure reason why this most favored city of God was destroyed–“she did not consider her future!”

Sin has an amazing characteristic. It makes us look only at the present. It entices us to sin by showing us how pleasurable sin is for the present moment. What it conceals is the torment and shame and destruction that follows!

But like the city of Jerusalem and its inhabitants we also fall for this trap. We take the bait and enjoy the sinful pleasure. Soon like Jerusalem we find filthiness clinging to our skirts.

But God wants us to think of the future when we are confronted with the possibility of a sinful course of action. He wants us to think of the glorious destiny that He has already planned for us. A peep into the glories that God has kept in store for us in all eternity is enough to reject the filth of sin.

If in spite of a knowledge of the future greatness that God has planned for you, you continue to allow filthiness to stick to your skirts, God has a different kind of future in store for you. It is a tomorrow which brings about an astounding fall. Hard to believe, but true.

At that point you will realize yet one more thing that sin does. The company that encouraged you to sin will not be present to give you comfort when you fall. All this shall happen because you did not consider your future!

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