Restoring the Joy of Salvation

Salvation is a joyous affair. Its sounds of joy echo in the heavens above where there is joy in the presence of angels when one sinner repents. God is made glad when one is saved. This joy is so huge that Jesus was willing to endure the shame of the cross. He is so full of joy to see each one of us saved because of His shed blood on the cross.

This was what the angels proclaimed at Jesus’ birth: Good news of great joy! This joy is there in the life of one in whose heart Jesus is born. Thus a Christian comes to have joy. This is the joy that God fills you with in His presence.

But sadly many Christians fail to have this joy on a continual, day-to-day basis. What happens to it?. Is it stolen? Probably. For the thief, the devil, comes to steal. And he can steal your joy.

How can he steal your joy? He makes you to live in sin. Living in sin can steal your joy. That is why David prayed: “Restore to me the joy of your salvation.” He surely experienced that tragic loss of joy during that one year when he lived in sin after committing adultery and murder. That means he did not repent of his sin during that one year. Somehow this man after God’s own heart failed to realize that he had sinned! When he realized that, he repented of his sins and prayed for the restoration of joy.

You also need to pray if you are not experiencing joy even after God has forgiven you. When the younger son returned after having gone away from home there was joy and feasting in their house. So it is clear that God wants to have your joy returned. He also rejoices with you when you confess your sins and return to Him.

Then, “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” — Isaiah 12:3 NIV. Therefore you need not go around with a long, mournful face anymore. Be full of joy that God has given you. Be anointed with the oil of gladness. Remove the sackcloth of despair and be clothed with joy. And sing for joy to the Lord!

Footnote: This article is based on the following Scriptures: Luke 15:7,10, Hebrews 12:2, Luke 2:10, Psalm 16:11, John 10:10, Psalm 51:12, Psalm 32:3,4, Psalm 38, Acts 13:22, Luke 15:23,24, Isaiah 61:3, Psalm 30:11, and Psalm 95:1.

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