The Unseen Hand of God

God is not mentioned in the Book of Esther. Yet one cannot read it without seeing the unseen hand of God in absolute control of events. Time and again it is demonstrated in the story.

The entire thrust of the story is how God had raised Esther to be the queen. Her status from that of a member of a captive family in exile and that of an orphan was … Read the rest

Run As To Get the Prize

Run as to get the prize. Not aimlessly. So says Paul.

So what is your aim? If it is to be like Jesus, then God’s goal and yours are in alignment. Unlike earthly races where only one gets the prize, here in this spiritual race each one has the opportunity to win the prize!

What about running? It is not a hundred metres sprint that he is talking about. He … Read the rest

Daniel’s Habit of Prayer

If at all you would like to end up in prison; for what crime might that be? Shocked? We now look at a man who landed in a den of lions for the sole crime of praying to God. That too at the age of eighty plus. His name is Daniel.

When a law was passed in the land that anyone who prayed to any god or man in the … Read the rest

Enoch Walked with God; So Can You!

Enoch walked with God (Genesis 5:22, 24). He walked with God after he married and had children. His responsibilities and duties at home did not affect his walk with God. So those who say that family needs leave them with little time for God are without excuse.

The Bible asks this question: “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so (Amos 3:3)?” In the same way Enoch … Read the rest

But Daniel Resolved Not to Defile Himself

What were the challenges this young man faced?

First of all he was a captive. He most likely was torn away from his family. He was young (about sixteen years). His homeland was now devastated. The centre of his Jewish faith the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. He was taken to a foreign land, given a new name bearing the identity of a Babylonian god (a total cultural shock), and … Read the rest

God Does Not Forget Your Faithful Service

So many believers are discouraged because their faithful service for God seems to go unnoticed.

At the same time they see many who served God along with them backslide and go astray. Yet again that is discouraging. When people close to you backslide you feel like giving up as well.

In the last chapter of Ezekiel, the LORD speaks about the distribution of land to the people who were restored … Read the rest

I Would Rather Be a Doorkeeper!

I would rather be a doorkeeper!

I hope you will not say that. But then the Psalmist was speaking about being a doorkeeper in the house of God (Psalm 84:10).

What was so special about the house of God?
One, he experienced God’s presence there. It is not the church building that makes the presence of God real to you. It is the seeking heart of a worshipper that experiences … Read the rest

“Did God Really Say?”

You should know your enemy as well as his strategy. By the way if you are believer in Jesus, you are in a battlefield. Nobody sleeps there. You have to be alert and fight.

So what is the enemy’s strategy? There are several. But the great one of them all is the question, “Did God really say?” (see Genesis 3:1). If you look at the root of all your temptations, … Read the rest