A Christmas Journey

Christmas holds special relevance for us since the birth of Jesus was announced to be good news of great joy for all the people. These articles will help you focus on Jesus, who is the reason for the joy of the season!

  • Jesus
    We cannot start a journey of Christmas without understanding the significance of the name Jesus.
  • Bethlehem
    Let us open our hearts and homes to be “Bethlehems” where the bread of life will provide us with food in plenty. 
  • Immanuel
    The glory from heaven came down. It inhabited a house of dust of which we are made. They called Him, “Immanuel!” 
  • Smallness
    Big things are given first choice by men but God often chooses the small things. Christmas, therefore, is a celebration of God’s choice of small things and “small” people. 
  • Nothing is Impossible
    … and Mary completes the dialogue saying, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.” Maybe, it was the simplest and yet the most profound of all Acceptance Speeches ever! 
  • The Star
    Be a shining star today which leads others to Christ. 
  • The Wise Men Who wants to meet an earthly king after having met the Heavenly King? 
  • The Theme of Light
    Christmas stars, candle lights, serial lights and many other decorative lights are a feast to the eyes during Christmas season. What makes them so special? 
  • The Genealogy of Jesus
    Gospel of Matthew begins with a long list of names. Why would God ever want His Gospel to begin in this fashion? 
  • Jesus the King
    One of the unmistakable thoughts of Christmas is that Jesus is King! And the most disturbing of all questions that Christmas brings us is: “Who is our king anyway?” 
  • The Humility of Jesus
    Jesus gave up all His glory in heaven to be born a child on earth. 
  • No Room for Jesus!
    Luke 2:7 NIV–“because there was no room for them in the inn.” Has He any room today? We have Him in our hearts all right! But how much room does He have? 
  • Dreams
    We cannot escape the subject of dreams as we deal with the Christmas story in the first two chapters of Matthew.
  • Not Before Seeing Jesus the Christ
    As soon as he saw Jesus, Simeon praised God. He said, “You now dismiss your servant in peace.” Oh, he was ready to die. For he had seen God’s salvation. 
  • A Sword
    “And a sword will pierce your own soul too” (Luke 2:35b NIV). The shadow of the cross was real even during the first Christmas. Simeon saw it. He told Mary about it.
  • John the Baptist–The Voice in the Desert
    As the world runs after signs and miracles, let us reevaluate our priorities this Christmas. People come to believe in Jesus when they find that what we said about Him is true. Can we do that faithfully this Christmas. Then many will believe in Jesus! 
  • The Holy Spirit
    We cannot forget the Spirit of God during Christmas. Without the Spirit of God no Christmas is possible! 
  • Let Us Go to Bethlehem and See
    Shall we go and meet our Savior now. That we may return glorifying and praising God. 
  • A Sign
    What a sign has God given us! 
  • The Gift of God’s Son
    For once, let us light up God’s heart with joy by being thankful for His Gift. 
  • Wonderful Counselor
    Maybe God will still help. If only we humble ourselves and seek His counsel. Therefore let us seek His counsel earnestly now. And may this Christmas help us to know Jesus as our Wonderful Counselor. 
  • Mighty God
    Let this Christmas bring thoughts of Jesus as Mighty God. 
  • Everlasting Father
    He is your Everlasting Father! 
  • Prince of Peace
    No one else on earth promised peace to his followers. 
  • The Word Became Flesh
    This is Christmas; when you and me touch this Word who became flesh! 
  • Do not be Afraid
    God is there with you when changes are happening in your lives. 
  • Good News of Great Joy
    There are lots of news in the world. And there are many forms of media and many journalists. The question is what news have they got to communicate? 
  • More Privileged than Angels
    Today, angels do not have the ministry of announcing good news. It is given to you. 
  • The Unrecognized Jesus
    When Jesus came to this world only few recognized Him as the Son of God. The Bible says: “He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him” (John 1:10 NIV). Therefore Christmas is also the story of the unrecognized Jesus. 
  • The Fullness of Grace
    Grace is God showing His favor and mercy to man unconditionally. 
  • A New Thing
    The great message of Christmas is that no one needs to remain in his past. There is hope for the future.
  • Waiting–the Christmas Way
    Even when are asleep, God who sleeps not is at work behind the scenes to make every little detail of circumstance right before he acts on our behalf.
  • The Comforter
    Though Jesus is not present with us physically today; his living presence is made real to us especially in times of sorrow by the Spirit of God.
  • Follow the Star of Christmas
    The Star signals the end of a long wait, and the beginning of a difficult journey.
  • Face to Face with Dreams
    God is alert to the possibilities that lie in an individual. It is to kindle, ignite, and fan to flame such possibilities that God often uses dreams.
  • Is Your Name in the List?
    When God calls us by name; it means that he has an intimate knowledge about us, knowing us even before we were formed in our mother’s womb, and knowing our potential and areas of failure as well.
  • Because Jesus Came
    No more does someone’s past however black it is stop him from achieving the best God has for his life.
  • Rising Above Rejection
    He who makes you brand new shall also give you courage to rise above rejections and live life to its fullest and best!
  • Jesus the Compassionate Light
    When such a light shines nothing escapes its searching and penetrating power.
  • Tired of Waiting?
    Above all the most important lesson is that God waits to help us understand that mad rush is not the order of his kingdom.
  • When Plans Are Upset
    Christmas is the story of plans being upset. It is also more about people accepting God-sent change.
  • Worried About Your Smallness?
    Your sense of unworthiness is no barrier for God to do a great work through you. Christmas is a time to remember that God is doing some great things through insignificant people.
  • Jesus Carried Your Sorrows and Sins
    At some point in the journey our eyes are opened to see the stranger who accompanies us. There is something about him that is more than a mere mortal. Our hearts warm at his presence.
  • Not Religious Traditions; but Seeing Jesus Is What Counts!
    It is not observing religious traditions that counts; but seeing Jesus and recognizing that he is God’s answer to man’s problem of sin.
  • Wise Men Still Seek Jesus
    It was their learning that helped them recognize the sign of the star as pointing to Jesus. They set out of the comfort of their homes and positions of royal authority because they thought it the greatest wisdom to seek out the King.
  • Jesus–the Gift Indescribable!
    Jesus brought God near to us like never before as he became truly and fully human in Jesus. This nearness to us is what the gift of Christmas is all about.
  • Let There Be Light–the Coming of Jesus!
    This light shines with love and compassion in every human heart that is broken. Its radiance binds up the wounds and heals.
  • The Babe Who Leaped for Joy!
    He took his doubts straight to Jesus and remained strong in faith. Perhaps we should be encouraged to note that such a giant of faith had doubts.
  • In the Beginning
    It was through him and for his pleasure that all was created. He is beyond description.
  • Do You Think Your Life Is Wasted? (a story)
    The meaninglessness of his life was what nagged him most. “What am I living for?” he thought. All the hopes of former years lay a heap of ruins around him.
  • Christmas for Children
    When Jesus was born there was no room for him in the inn. So he was placed in a manger from which cattle fed. It tells us that Jesus is ready to come into any human heart which is full of dirt and sin.


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