God Will Bring Me out into the Light

Dear child of God, are you in darkness today? Have you lost hope? Before you give up; read on.

Possibly you are licking your wounds because you have failed in some area of life. In spite of all your efforts every trouble seems to have intensified. Others are mocking you and might have written you off as good for nothing. You might be thinking that God does not like you at all.

Think for a moment. If God wanted to give up on you he could have done that on so many occasions before. Think of all those moments when you enjoyed his special mercies even when you sinned against him. Did he not send people unexpectedly across your path to encourage you during those times? Did they not seem like angels send from God?

Think again about those occasions when God relented from sending calamity that could have destroyed you? Even when your mistakes made circumstances worse; did you not experience the grace of God in all its power? Then why do you think that the darkness surrounding you will continue for ever? No, never. That is not possible simply because the Word of God says otherwise.

For example the nation of Israel had forsaken God and sinned greatly against him. Their sins caused their downfall. Yet God remained faithful to his people.Even when he allowed enemies to oppress them and punish them, God’s purpose was not to destroy but to save.

Therefore today, even when you sit in darkness because of your sin, mistakes, failure or any other reason you can think of; trust God in the dark. He is not against you, but for you. Therefore wait and watch in hope for God will hear your cry. He will not turn away from you. Keep on praying, for God takes note when a broken heart cries out to him.

From out of the ashes of your dreams, God will rebuild and restore. Yes, he will bring you out into the light even though you sit in darkness today because of your sins (Micah 7:7—11). The LORD will be your light. Believe it.

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