Why Solomon Failed? –A Classic Study in Disobedience


Solomon was given great wisdom. Yet he did not rely on the wisdom of the Scriptures. That was the single biggest cause of his downfall.

Compare these two Bible Portions–The first portion contains rules and guidelines that God established to be observed by a king of Israel. The second portion talks about how Solomon violated the rules.

God’s rules
(Deuteronomy 17:14 to 20)
Solomon’s violations
(1 Kings 10:26 to 11:13)
The king must not acquire great numbers of horses. He should not make people go to Egypt to get more of them (verse 16). Violated (10: 26, 28)
The king was not permitted to marry many wives. They would lead him astray(verse 17a). 2. Violated (11:1–4)
Read also Nehemiah 13:26.
The king was not permitted to accumulate large amounts of silver and gold (verse 17b) Violated (10:14, 15, 27)
He was supposed to write for himself on a scroll a copy of the Law and read it all the days of his life (verse 18,19). He might have stopped reading because he violated the very first commandment which forbade to worship other gods (11:6 8)


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