Let us Start Rebuilding

Let us start rebuilding (Nehemiah 2:18c NIV).

God is offering you an opportunity today. He is giving you a chance to rebuild your life. Whatever may have caused your life to lie in ruins, God is now inviting you to rebuild your life.

He is with you in this huge effort. Do not look at the ruins and sigh. Do not think that the task is beyond you. It is God’s invitation. He is with you and He will help you do so.

What God needs from you is a positive “Yes” from you. Are you willing to agree with Him and say, “Let us start rebuilding”? Then the work can begin.

See it is not your work alone. Neither is God going to do all the rebuilding. It is a partnership, a laboring together to achieve the goal of helping you get on with your life with dignity and confidence in God.

The problem that you face is one of inertia. You look at the bigness of the ruins, all the rubble that has been piled up, all the dust that needs to be cleared away and postpone the beginning of rebuilding to another day. How long will you postpone?

Can you say to God today, “Let us start rebuilding”? The key is getting started. Start somewhere. Start at the nearest piece of brick that lies at your feet. Yes, starting is the key.

If you are willing to start, you’ll see God help you rebuild. What you had thought of as impossible, what you considered too tough and what you had delayed because of its difficulty, will disappear.

And in the place of ruins, there will begin to take shape a solid structure of beauty. It will protect you and give you the real sense of confidence you need in God.

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