Jesus! He Is God!

A loud voice like a trumpet. The sound of the waves all around is drowned. Alert, John turned around to see the voice that was speaking to him.

Now John was someone who saw Jesus as the Son of God with keener eye and clarity than anyone else (John 1:14, 20:31). Yet God had to take John away from the crowds, and have him in a lonely island to be … Read the rest

Why Does Jesus Not Give Us a Glorious Vision of Himself More Often?

Why does Jesus not give us a glorious vision of himself more often? Like the one he gave to John in the island of Patmos (Revelation 1:12–16). Let us try to think on this.

One, God is holy. We cannot even imagine the awesome greatness and splendor of his holiness. If God doesn’t shield us from his glory like he did for Moses (Exodus 33:20–23) we will die in an … Read the rest

The Call to Die

The resurrection of Jesus is a call and a reminder. It is a reminder that when Jesus died all those who believe in him also died with him. It is a call to apply that death in our life.

In a sense we do not fully understand, we too died with Christ. It does not talk about physical death but becoming dead to sin. If we count that real in … Read the rest

None Like Him!

The picture most of us have in mind about Jesus is limited. We often think of him as a gentle person. True. He was so while on earth, and even now he is caring and compassionate. Yet we too need, like John in exile in the Island of Patmos had, a vision of the risen Lord in his majesty, glory, power and authority (Revelation 1:12–18).

His very appearance is beyond … Read the rest

Do You Consider It Incredible That God Raises the Dead?

Speakers often raise questions which provoke thought. Such questions are primarily asked not to seek an answer but to hit really hard at the thinking patterns of the audience. We find such a question in Paul’s speech before King Agrippa.

He asked, “Why should any of you consider it incredible that God raises the dead (Acts 26:8)?”

Honestly, many people have come up with theories about creation simply because they … Read the rest

“Son of Man, Can These Bones Live?”

“Son of man, can these bones live?”

God is not in the business of being a God of dead men’s bones. Here in a dramatic message to Prophet Ezekiel God showed him how he was going to bring life to a dead nation–dead both in their national identity and spiritually as well.

“Son of man, can these bones live?”

In this dramatic picture God is clearly revealing his will and … Read the rest

“Therefore Go!” Have You Obeyed the Command?

Obedience is a key that unlocks many promises in the Bible. Several people desire to enjoy the benefits of these promises. But often they miss the part that demand obedience from their part.

The risen Lord promised, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20).” This is a very encouraging promise. But if read in context, we can clearly see that this … Read the rest

The Resurrection of Jesus Is a Life-Changing Reality

Has anyone approached you to believe in their faith? If so, think about all that they told you. What difference did you find about their faith and your faith in Jesus Christ?

Whether you realised it or not is the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is that one thing that is undeniably what is different. No one else has made such a claim; for Jesus said, “I am the … Read the rest

Do You Think Earthly or Heavenly Thoughts?

Are you a true believer? Have you really experienced the resurrection? If so, your heart will be set on things above. Your focus and obsession will not be on earthly things (see Colossians 3:1–4).

We are called to see what is the exalted position of Jesus in heaven. We are also called to understand that we too are raised with Christ. A true believer therefore thinks from heaven’s viewpoint all … Read the rest