Where Is Your Eye Today?

Where is your eye today? Is it on money, fame, power, or on a friend?

Know that your steps are going to be in the direction of where your eyes are hooked to. To get best results, “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus” (Hebrews 12:2). Not just to find help. But more to think on him—who he is and what he is to you. The more you look at … Read the rest

Focus on God in Prayer

Chapter 22

Theme: Focus on God in Prayer
Focus on: Jehoshaphat
Reading Portion(s): 2 Chronicles 20:1 to 30 & 17:12 to 19.
– Important Background Information
– Helps you find strength in God
What this article teaches you
We often focus on our needs in prayer. At other times we focus on other’s needs. But whatever be the needs the best moments of prayer come when the focus is on God. It
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