“Where Are You?”

“Where are you?”
This was God’s first question to man. It is recorded in Genesis 3:9 in the Bible. He is asking the same question to you today.

“Where are you?”
Are you hiding from God today? If so God desires you to come into the light (John 3:20; 1 John 1:7).

“Where are you?”
Are you running away from God today in disobedience to God’s commands? If so he … Read the rest

Against All Hope, Abraham in Hope Believed God!

Abraham believed God. Not when every situation was positive. Quite the opposite. He believed God’s promise to him regarding a son when his body was as good as dead.

Is something dead in your life? The God of Abraham is your God; isn’t he? If God has given you a promise he is able to fulfil. Abraham knew that the reality in human terms is that at hundred he cannot … Read the rest

Trust in God When You Are Afraid

Fear strikes at times we least expect it.

Does being a believer insure you from being afraid? No is the answer.
Is being afraid something to be ashamed about? Again, no is the answer. The Bible honestly shows us how great saints of God were afraid at certain difficult times in their lives. We also see God encouraging them saying, “Do not be afraid.” Many times this comes along with … Read the rest