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Short and Inspiring Meditations from the Old Testament for Daily Reading

1 Minute Chargers are short pieces of devotions written to help you understand God’s will for your lives through a variety of Old Testament Scripture selections and showing you how it relates to your life in today’s context.

Zechariah 9:12 (Return to Your Fortress)
Isaiah 10:27 (Burden Will Be Lifted)
Psalm 48:14 (God Our Guide)
Isaiah 30:15 (Repentance, Rest, Quietness, Strength)
Psalm 60:4 (A Banner Unfurled Against the Bow)
1 Samuel 2:30b (Those Who Honor Me Will I Honor)
Numbers 6:24-26 (The Lord Bless You)
Isaiah 64:4 (God Acts for Those Who Wait)
1 Samuel 23:16 (Helped Him Find Strength in God)
Numbers 20:12 (Did Not Trust in Me Enough)
Isaiah 28:28 (Does Not Thresh Forever)
Micah 2:13 (One Who Breaks Open the Way)
Isaiah 40:31 (Those Who Hope in the Lord)
Joshua 14:14 (Caleb, Who Followed God Wholeheartedly)
Esther 6:1 (That Night the King Could Not Sleep)
Exodus 40:36,37 (Travels and the Cloud of the Lord)
Proverbs 22:29 (A Man Skilled in His Work)
Ecclesiastes 11:4 (Watch Not the Wind or the Clouds)
Joshua 21:45 (The Lord’s Good Promises Fulfilled)
Joshua 24:15 (Choose to Serve the Lord)
Judges 2:10,11 (Another Generation Not Knowing the Lord)
Psalm 126:5,6 (Sow in Tears; Reap with Songs of Joy)
Psalm 51:17 (God Will Not Despise)
Psalm 56:3 (Trust in God When Afraid)
Ezekiel 33:7 (A Watchman)
Jeremiah 29:11 (The Plans God Has for You)
Proverbs 22:6 (Train a Child in the Way)
Job 23:10 (God Knows the Way; Tested as Gold)
Psalm 23:1 (The Lord Is My Shepherd)
Genesis 1:1 (In the Beginning God Created)
Genesis 1:2 (The Spirit of God Was Hovering)
Ezra 6:16 (Dedication, House of God, Celebration, Joy)
Psalm 19:14 (Words of My Mouth; Meditation of My Heart)
Genesis 1:3,4 (Let There Be Light)
1 Chronicles 21:24 (Sacrifice that Costs Nothing!)
Exodus 32:4 (The Making of the Golden Calf Idol)
Haggai 1:4 (Time for Paneled Houses?)
Job 9:10 (Wonders and Miracles)
Proverbs 3:5,6 (Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart)
Habakkuk 3:17,18 (Joyful in God When Fig Tree Does Not Bud)
Micah 6:8 (Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly)
Isaiah 16:5 (A Throne Will Be Established)
Jonah 1:1,2 (The Word of the Lord Came; Preach Against Nineveh)
Ezekiel 13:12 (Where Is the Whitewash When the Wall Collapses?)
Genesis 6:5,6 (Man’s Evil Heart; and God’s Grieving Heart)
1 Chronicles 14:2 (And David Knew that the Lord Had Established)
Psalm 101:2b,3a (Set No Vile Thing Before Your Eyes)
Ezekiel 22:30 (Stand Before Me in the Gap)
2 Chronicles 16:9 (For the Eyes of the Lord)
Psalm 119:105 (God’s Word: A Lamp and a Light)
Zephaniah 3:17 (He Will Rejoice Over You)
2 Chronicles 21:20 (Jehoram, to No One’s Regret)
Psalm 121:1,2 (My Help Comes from the Lord)
Proverbs 28:13 (Confess and Renounce Sin to Find Mercy)
Job 28:28 (The Fear of the Lord Is Wisdom)
Psalm 138:3 (Made Me Bold and Stouthearted)
Jeremiah 26:23 (Prophet Uriah)
Psalm 119:11 (I have Hidden Your Word in My Heart)
Judges 6:40 (That Night God Did So)
Amos 2:9 (Destroyed Fruit Above and Roots Below)
2 Chronicles 24:24 (Although)
1 Samuel 23:4 (Once Again David Inquired of the Lord)
2 Kings 7:9 (A Day of Good News)
Genesis 5:21,24 (Enoch Walked with God)
Jeremiah 18:6b (Like Clay in the Hand of the Potter)
Genesis 8:11 (A Freshly Plucked Olive Leaf)
Genesis 12:2 (You Will Be a Blessing)
Psalm 126:1,2 (Like Men Who Dreamed)
Ezekiel 47:5 (A River that No One Could Cross)
Genesis 39: 9b,10 (How could I Do Such a Wicked Thing?)
Genesis 39:11,12 (Ran Out of the House)
Genesis 39:19,20 (Joseph in Prison)
Jeremiah 48:10 (A Curse on Him Who Is Lax)
Leviticus 9:22 (He Stepped Down)
Joel 2:25 (I Will, Repay You, Years, Locusts Have Eaten)
Job 35:9,10,11 (Songs in the Night)
Deuteronomy 1:32,33 (In Spite Of This)
Ecclesiastes 11:1 (Cast Your Bread upon the Waters)
Psalm 66:18,19,20 (If I Had Cherished Sin in My Heart)
Isaiah 43:18,19 (Forget the Former Things)
Hosea 10:12 (Sow for Yourselves Righteousness)
1 Samuel 3:10 (Speak, for Your Servant is Listening)
Daniel 4:26 (Leave the Stump of the Tree)
Hosea 8:11 (Altars for Sinning)
Deuteronomy 33:27 (Underneath Are the Everlasting Arms)
2 Samuel 1:20 (Tell It Not in Gath)
Psalm 139:23,24 (Search Me, O God)
Genesis 13:17 (Go, Walk Through the Length and Breadth)
Isaiah 55:2 (Why Spend Money on What Is Not Bread?)
Zechariah 4:10a (Who Despises the Day of Small Things?)
Isaiah 63:13b, 14a (Did Not Stumble; Given Rest)
2 Chronicles 15:7 (Be Strong and Do Not Give Up)
Lamentations 1:9a (Jerusalem, She Did Not Consider Her Future)
Amos 8:1 (A Basket of Ripe Fruit)
2 Kings 25:29 (Put Aside His Prison Clothes)
Zechariah 6:5 (Going Out from Standing in the Presence)
Zechariah 8:13 (As You Have Been an Object of Cursing)
Psalm 119:162 (I Rejoice in Your Promise)
Jeremiah 33:3 (Call to Me)
Jeremiah 41:8 (Oil and Honey Hidden in a Field)
Psalm 145:14 (The Lord Upholds All Those Who Fall)
Deuteronomy 8:3 (Man Does Not Live on Bread Alone)
Psalm 148:7,8 (Stormy Winds that Do His Bidding)
Psalm 94:18 (Slipping foot; Supporting Love)
Psalm 94:19 (Consolation When Anxiety Was Great)
1 Samuel 9:27 (But You Stay Here Awhile)
Jeremiah 30:17 (Because You Are Called an Outcast)
Psalm 46:10a (Be Still, and Know that I am God)
Psalm 51:1 (Have Mercy on Me, O God)
Psalm 81:10 (Open Wide Your Mouth and I will Fill It)
Isaiah 49:21 (Who Bore Me these?)
Psalm 73:26 (God Is the Strength of My Heart)
Psalm 93:5 (Holiness Adorns Your House)
Lamentations 3:22,23 (New Every Morning)
Exodus 23:20 (I Am Sending an Angel Ahead of You)
Exodus 25: 2,8,9 (Offering, Tabernacle, Pattern)
Proverbs 29:25 (Fear of Man; a Snare)
Joel 2:11a (Mighty Are Those Who Obey His Command)
Exodus 33:13 (So I May Know You)
Exodus 38:8 (From the Mirrors of the Women)
1 Kings 11:9 (The Lord Became Angry, Solomon, Appeared Twice)
Leviticus 11:44a, 45 (Be Holy, Because I Am Holy)
Psalm 16:11 (Joy in Your Presence)
1 Kings 17:7,8,9 (Go At Once to Zarephath)
2 Chronicles 18:4 (First Seek the Counsel of the Lord)
Zechariah 1:3 (Return to Me)
Psalm 1:1 (Blessed Is the Man)
Zechariah 7:9,10 (Do Not Think Evil of Each Other)
Zechariah 8:9b,13 (Object of Cursing to a Blessing)
Numbers 7:9 (Kohathites, Responsible)
Psalm 29:9 (In His Temple All Cry, “Glory!”)
Psalm 32:10 (The Lord’s Unfailing Love Surrounds)
Joshua 1:8 (Do Not Let This Book)
Ezra 3:3 (Despite Their Fear)
Psalm 86:11 (Give Me an Undivided Heart)
Psalm 89:15,16 (Blessed Are Those Who Have Learned)
Ezra 8:26, 27 (Bronze, as Precious as Gold)
Psalm 105:41 (He Opened the Rock)
Jeremiah 31:3 (I Have Loved You with an Everlasting Love)
Psalm 65:10 (Drench, Level, Soften, Bless)
Isaiah 51:7 (Do Not Fear the Reproach of Men)
Joshua 4:24 (He did This so That)
Jeremiah 31:25,26 (I Will Refresh the Weary, Satisfy the Faint)
Amos 5:4 (Seek Me and Live)
Numbers 32:23 (Your Sin Will Find You Out)
Ecclesiastes 7:8a (The End, Is Better Than Its Beginning)
Deuteronomy 32:2 (Let My Teaching Fall like Rain)
Isaiah 33:17 (See the King in His Beauty)
Genesis 1:16 (God Made Two Great Lights and the Stars)
Psalm 65:3 (Overwhelmed by Sins, You Forgave)
Exodus 1:8 (A New King, Who Did Not Know About Joseph)
Psalm 143:10 (Teach Me to Do Your Will)
Psalm 114:7,8 (Hard Rock into Springs of Water)
Ezekiel 36:9 (I Am Concerned for You)
1 Kings 18:1 (Go and Present Yourself to Ahab)
Daniel 8:19 (Vision Concerns the Appointed Time of the End)
Psalm 19:12,13 (Keep Your Servant Also from Willful Sins)
Numbers 25:11 (Phinehas, Zealous for God’s Honor)
Numbers 32:7 (Why Do You Discourage?)
Psalm 34:4 (He Delivered Me from All My Fears)
Deuteronomy 28:13 (Make You the Head, Not the Tail; If)
Micah 6:5b (Remember Your Journey from Shittim to Gilgal)
Psalm 34:18 (The Lord Is Close to the Brokenhearted)
Deuteronomy 29:29 (Secret Things and Things Revealed)
Zechariah 3:4 (Take Off His Filthy Clothes)
Joshua 8:26 (Did Not Draw Back the Hand, Until)
Zechariah 10:6 (As Though I had Not Rejected Them)
Joshua 15:19 (Upper and Lower Springs)
Joshua 18:3 (How Long Will You Wait?)
Malachi 3:1a (Messenger, Prepare the Way)
Malachi 3:18 (Distinction Between the Righteous and the Wicked)
2 Chronicles 32:31 (God Left Him to Test Him)
Ruth 1:22 (Arriving as the Barley Harvest Was Beginning)
Isaiah 44:21,22 (Remember These Things)
Judges 7:10,11a (Listen to What They Are Saying, Afterward)
Esther 4:14 (Come to Royal Position for Such a Time?)
Isaiah 28:6 (Turn Back the Battle at the Gate)
Genesis 28:12,13a (A Dream and a Stairway)
Isaiah 65:17 (New Heavens and a New Earth)
Isaiah 66:2b (The One I Esteem; Who Trembles at My Word)
Jeremiah 2:13 (Broken Cisterns)
Jeremiah 2:36,37 (You Will Be Disappointed by Egypt)
Psalm 127:1 (Unless the Lord Builds)
Psalm 142:3 (When My Spirit Grows Faint)
Genesis 40:23,41:1a (He Did Not Remember Joseph)
Job 31:1 (Not to Look Lustfully at a Girl)
Psalm 145:18,19 (The Lord Is Near to All Who Call)
Genesis 41:32 (The Reason the Dream Was Given in Two Forms)
Jeremiah 17:4a (Through Your Own Fault)
Exodus 6:1 (Now You Will See What I Will Do to Pharaoh)
Jeremiah 7:12 (Shiloh, See What I Did to It)
Exodus 32:1a (Was So Long in Coming Down)
Exodus 20:11 (Blessed the Sabbath Day and Made It Holy)
Proverbs 20:22 (Do Not Say, “I’ll Pay You Back”)
Jeremiah 50:7 (Whoever Found Them Devoured Them)
Proverbs 27:23,24 (Be Sure You Know the Condition of Your Flocks)
Amos 4:11 (Like a Burning Stick Snatched from the Fire)
Amos 4:12 (Prepare to Meet Your God)
Amos 4:13 (The Lord God Almighty Is His Name)
Proverbs 31:10,30 (A Wife of Noble Character)
Isaiah 66:9 (Moment of Birth and Not Give Delivery?)
Habakkuk 2:14 (The Knowledge of the Glory of the Lord)
Hosea 2:15a (Valley of Achor, a Door of Hope)
Genesis 47:29z, 30a (Do Not Bury Me in Egypt)
Genesis 21:12 (Do Not Be So Distressed)
Ecclesiastes 11:6 (For You Do Not Know Which Will Succeed)
Psalm 140:7 (God, Who Shields My Head in the Day of Battle)
Psalm 90:8 (Our Secret Sins)
Numbers 13:2 (Send Some Men to Explore the Land)
Ezekiel 34:26b (Showers of Blessing In Season)
Isaiah 43:13b (When I Act, Who Can Reverse It?)
Psalm 65:4 (Blessed Are Those You Choose and Bring Near)
Ezekiel 37:12b (Going to Open Your Graves and Bring You Up)
Genesis 7:16b (Then the Lord Shut Him In)
1 Chronicles 11:14 (They Took Their Stand in the Middle)
Psalm 79:8 (Do Not Hold Against Us the Sins of the Fathers)
Genesis 2:22 (He Brought Her to the Man)
Genesis 3:9 (Where Are You?)
2 Kings 13:17b (The Lord’s Arrow of Victory Over Aram)
2 Kings 22:19 (Because Your Heart Was Responsive)
Genesis 13:14b, 15 (Lift Up Your Eyes from Where You Are)
Genesis 28:13a (There Above It Stood the Lord)
Genesis 41:36 (This Food Should Be Held In Reserve)
Genesis 28:16b (Surely the Lord Is in This Place)
2 Chronicles 32:1a (After All that Was Faithfully Done)
Genesis 24:50b (This Is from the Lord)
Hosea 6:1 (Come, Let Us Return to the Lord)
Hosea 6:2 (Revive and Restore)
Hosea 6:3 (Let Us Press On to Acknowledge Him)
Joel 2:13z (He Relents from Sending Calamity)
Jonah 4:11z (Should I Not Be Concerned?)
Isaiah 35:3,4 (Be Strong, Do Not Fear; Your God Will Come)
Isaiah 65:24 (Before They Call I Will Answer)
Habakkuk 3:6z (His Ways Are Eternal)
Habakkuk 3:19a (The Sovereign Lord Is My Strength)
Isaiah 45:3 (Treasures of Darkness, Riches Stored in Secret Places)
Numbers 13:33b (Seemed like Grasshoppers in Our Own Eyes)
Numbers 14:44 (Nevertheless, in Their Presumption)
Nehemiah 8:10z (The Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength)
Nehemiah 2:18c (Let us Start Rebuilding)
2 Kings 3:16b,17a (Make This Valley Full of Ditches)
1 Samuel 3:21 (Revealed Himself Through His Word)
Isaiah 9:2 (People Walking in Darkness Have Seen a Great Light)
1 Samuel 2:4b (But Those Who Stumbled Are Armed with Strength)
1 Samuel 7:12 (Ebenezer, Thus Far Has the Lord Helped Us)
1 Samuel 12:23 (Sin, Failing to Pray)
Malachi 4:2 (Sun of Righteousness, Rise, Healing in Its Wings)
Isaiah 54:4b (You Will Forget the Shame of Your Youth)
1 Samuel 23:28 (Broke Off His Pursuit, Sela Hammahlekoth)
Deuteronomy 29:18b (Root Producing Bitter Poison)
Joshua 10:14 (A Day When the Lord Listened to a Man)
2 Samuel 5:24 (As You Hear the Sound of Marching, Move Quickly)
Psalm 37:4 (Delight in the Lord, He Will Give Desires of Your Heart)
Joshua 21:44a (The Lord Gave Them Rest on Every Side)
Exodus 33:14 (My Presence Will Go with You, Give You Rest)
Isaiah 42:3a (A Bruised Reed, A Smoldering Wick)
Judges 8:4 (Exhausted, Yet Keeping Up the Pursuit)
1 Kings 11:9 (The Lord Became Angry with Solomon, Appeared Twice)
Judges 7:2 (You Have Too Many Men)
1 Kings 17:5a (So He Did What the Lord Had Told Him)
Ezekiel 29:16a (Egypt Will No Longer Be a Source of Confidence)
Psalm 78:19 (Can God Spread a Table in the Desert?)
2 Kings 7:2b (Even If, Could This Happen?)
2 Kings 8:5a (Just As Gehazi Was Telling the King)
Ezekiel 44:8 (Instead Of Carrying Out Your Duty, You Put Others)
Ezekiel 47:9z (Where the River Flows Everything Will Live)
Daniel 6:10b (Daniel, Just As He Had Done Before)
Daniel 7:13 (One like a Son of Man, Coming with the Clouds)
Proverbs 3:27,28 (Do Not Withhold Good)
Proverbs 16:32 (Better a Patient Man Than)
Genesis 22:14 (The Lord Will Provide)
Genesis 22:15 (The Angel of the Lord Called a Second Time)
Hosea 2:16 (In That Day You Will Call Me, “My Husband”)
Genesis 32:24 (Left Alone, A Man Wrestled Till Daybreak)
Genesis 32:26b (I Will Not Let You Go Unless You Bless Me)
Genesis 32:27,28 (What Is Your Name?)
Genesis 32:31 (The Sun Rose, He Was Limping)
Genesis 37:19,20 (Here Comes That Dreamer!)
Psalm 130:3,4 (Record of Sins, Forgiveness)
Hosea 12:3,4 (In the Womb, He Grasped His Brother’s Heel)
Hosea 13:5,6 (Then They Forgot Me)
Genesis 45:7,8a (But God sent Me Ahead of You to Preserve for You)
Genesis 46:3,4a (Do Not Be Afraid, I Will Go Down to Egypt with You)
Genesis 50:25 (God Will Surely Come to Your Aid)
Exodus 1:17, 20a, 21 (The Midwives Feared God)
Exodus 2:12 (He Killed the Egyptian and Hid Him in the Sand)
Exodus 3:2 (Angel of the Lord, Flames of Fire Within a Bush)
Exodus 3:4 (God Called from Within the Bush, “Moses! Moses!”)
Exodus 3:14 (I AM WHO I AM)
Exodus 3:15 (The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob)
Exodus 3:7, 16b, 17 (I Have Seen, Heard, Watched Over, Promised)
Exodus 13:19 (Moses Took the Bones of Joseph with Him)
Exodus 3:8a, 10 (I Have Come Down to Rescue Them. So Now, Go)
Exodus 32:26b (Whoever Is for the Lord, Come to Me)
Exodus 33:22 (A Cleft in the Rock)
1 Kings 8:59z (According to Each Day’s Need)
Proverbs 27:1 (Do Not Boast About Tomorrow)
Psalm 68:9 (You Refreshed Your Weary Inheritance)
Isaiah 5:4 (What More Could Have Been Done for My Vineyard?)
Isaiah 6:5 (Woe to Me! I Am a Man of Unclean Lips)
Isaiah 9:3 (You Have Enlarged the Nation and Increased Their Joy)
Isaiah 45:1,2a (To Open Doors Before Him)
Isaiah 46:10,11 (I Make Known the End from the Beginning)
Psalm 21:6 (Made Him Glad with the Joy of Your Presence)
Isaiah 48:3,6b (From Now On I Will Tell You of New Things)
Isaiah 48:17b,18a (God, Who Teaches You What Is Best for You)
Isaiah 53:4a,5,6c (He Took Up Our Infirmities and Carried Our Sorrows)
Numbers 33:2 (Recorded the Stages in Their Journey)
Isaiah 60:22 (In Its Time I Will Do This Swiftly)
Isaiah 55:6 (Seek the Lord While He May Be Found)
Isaiah 55:7 (God’s Mercy and Free Pardon)
Isaiah 55:8,9 (My Ways Are Higher Than Your Ways)
Isaiah 55:10,11 (My Word, Will Not Return to Me Empty)
Psalm 20:7,8 (Some Trust in Chariots and Horses, But We)
Job 38:2 (Darkens My Counsel with Words Without Knowledge)
Psalm 40:5 (The Things You Planned for Us)
Psalm 40:8 (I Desire to Do Your Will)
Isaiah 9:4 (You Have Shattered the Yoke, Midian’s Defeat)
Isaiah 42:4a (He Will Not Falter or Be Discouraged)
Haggai 2:9a (Glory of Present House Greater Than Former House)
1 Samuel 10:22b (Saul, Has Hidden Himself Among the Baggage)
1 Samuel 9:3 (Go and Look for the Donkeys)
Psalm 68:19 (God, Who Daily Bears Our Burdens)
Genesis 17:5 (Change of Name, Abraham, Father of Many Nations)
Joshua 3:4 (Since You Have Never Been This Way Before)
Joshua 8:34,35 (Read All the Words — the Blessings and the Curses)
Deuteronomy 31:3a (The Lord Your God Will Himself Cross Over Ahead)
2 Samuel 2:1 (David, “Where Shall I Go?”)
2 Samuel 11:1b,2 (But David Remained in Jerusalem, Woman Bathing)
Joshua 24:13 (I Gave You a Land On Which You Did Not Toil)
Song of Songs 4:7 (There Is No Flaw in You)
Psalm 99:3b (He Is Holy)
Ezekiel 1:1 (Heavens Were Opened, I Saw Visions of God)
Lamentations 3:37 (Who Can Speak and Have It Happen, Unless?)
Jeremiah 9:24 (Let Him Who Boasts Boast About This)
1 Kings 6:7 (Building Temple, Only Blocks Dressed at the Quarry Used)
1 Kings 7:21 (Two Bronze Pillars, Jakin and Boaz)
Ecclesiastes 12:1 (Remember Your Creator in the Days of Your Youth)
2 Kings 4:3,4 (Go Around, Ask for Empty Jars, Not a Few)
2 Kings 5:11 (But Naaman Went Away Angry)
Genesis 9:13 (I Have Set My Rainbow in the Clouds)
1 Kings 18:30b (Repaired the Altar Which Was in Ruins)
1 Kings 18:44a (A Cloud As Small As a Man’s Hand)
1 Chronicles 1:1–3 (Adam, Seth, Enosh, … Noah)
Genesis 30:25 (After Rachel Gave Birth to Joseph)
Genesis 37:25 (Caravans on Their Way to Egypt)
Psalm 141:4 (Let Not My Heart Be Drawn to What Is Evil)
Judges 16:20b (But He Did Not Know That the Lord Had Left Him)
Judges 16:22 (But the Hair on His Head Began to Grow Again)
Judges 16:28 (Remember Me, O God, Strengthen Me Just Once More)
Jonah 1:3 (But Jonah Ran Away from the Lord)
Genesis 19:26 (But Lot’s Wife Looked Back, a Pillar of Salt)
Isaiah 62:3 (You Will Be a Crown of Splendor in the Lord’s Hand)
Isaiah 53:10 (Yet It Was the Lord’s Will to Crush Him)
Psalm 51:10a (Create in Me a Pure Heart, O God)
Psalm 119: 67, 71, 75 (It Was Good for Me To Be Afflicted)
1 Kings 7:40b (Finished All the Work)
Isaiah 50:10 (Let Him Who Walks in the Dark, Trust, Rely)
Isaiah 12:1 (Although You Were Angry with Me, Comforted Me)
Zechariah 9:9 (Rejoice Greatly, Shout, See, Your King Comes to You)
2 Kings 19:31b (The Zeal of the Lord Almighty Will Accomplish This)
Proverbs 9:17, 18 (Stolen Water Is Sweet; Food Eaten in Secret Is Delicious!)
1 Kings 19:18 (Yet I Reserve Seven Thousand in Israel)
Genesis 40:6, 7 ( Joseph Asked, “Why Are Your Faces so Sad Today?”)
Numbers 21:8, 9 (Anyone Who Is Bitten Can Look at It and Live)
Daniel 11:31 (The Abomination that Causes Desolation)
Daniel 11:32 (The People Who Know Their God Will Firmly Resist Him)
Psalm 61:2 (Lead Me to the Rock that is Higher than I)
Exodus 3:19 (The King of Egypt Will Not Let You Go)
Exodus 15:25 (The Water Became Sweet)
Exodus 13:17 (Though that Was Shorter)
Joel 3:14 (Multitudes in the Valley of Decision!)
Psalm 2:12 (For His Wrath Can Flare Up in a Moment)
Exodus 6:9 (They Did not Listen Because of Their Discouragement)
1 Chronicles 27:33b (The King’s Friend)
Exodus 12:7 (Take some of the Blood and Put It On)
Leviticus 23:10b, 11 (Wave the Sheaf of First Grain Before the Lord)
Psalm 22:1 (My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?)
Psalm 32:6, 7 (You Are My Hiding Place)
Zechariah 10:11a, 12 (The Surging Sea Will Be Subdued)
Isaiah 18:7 (Gifts Will Be Brought to the Lord Almighty)
Numbers 31:16 (The Means of Turning the Israelites Away from the Lord)
Numbers 32:11a (Because They Have Not Followed Me Wholeheartedly)
Psalm 84:5–7 (As They Pass Through the Valley of Baca)
Isaiah 30:1 (Forming an Alliance, but Not by My Spirit)
Deuteronomy 1:6, 7a (Break Camp and Advance)
Deuteronomy 5:21 (You shall Not covet)
Isaiah 43:10a (You Are My Witnesses)
Isaiah 44:2 (He Who Made You, Who Formed You in the Womb)
Isaiah 41:14 (Do Not Be Afraid, O Worm Jacob, O Little Israel)
Isaiah 41:15, 16b (I Will Make You into a Threshing Sledge, New and Sharp)
Deuteronomy 32:10z, 11 (Like an Eagle That Stirs Up Its Nest )
Joshua 1:2 (Get Ready to Cross the Jordan River)
Judges 7:5 (Separate Those Who Lap the Water)
Jeremiah 39:16a, 18 (Ebed-Melech: Because You Trust in Me)
Genesis 11:9 (Babel: There the Lord Confused the Language of the Whole World)
1 Kings 14:6b (Why this pretense?)
1 Kings 17:13b ( But First Make a Small Cake of Bread for Me)
1 Kings 19:3a (Elijah Was Afraid and Ran for His Life)
Genesis 24:19 (I’ll Draw Water for Your Camels Too)
2 Kings 19:3, 4z (As When Children Come to the Point of Birth)
Genesis 40:8b (Do Not Interpretations Belong to God?)
Ezra 4:24 (Thus the Work on the House of God in Jerusalem Came to a Standstill)
Haggai 2:5b (My Spirit Remains Among You, Do Not Fear)
Psalm 69:6 (May Those Who Hope in You Not Be Disgraced Because of Me)
Isaiah 30:23a (He Will Also Send You Rain for the Seed You Sow)
Jeremiah 17:7 (God-Confidence!)
Judges 6:18b (I Will Wait Until You Return)
2 Samuel 13:15 (Then Amnon Hated Her with Intense Hatred)
Jeremiah 23:6 ( The Lord Our Righteousness)
2 Samuel 19:10b (Why Do You Say Nothing About Bringing the King Back?)
Jeremiah 38:14a (The Third Entrance)
Song of Songs 7:1a (How Beautiful Your Sandaled Feet!)
Jeremiah 31:6 (There Will Be a Day when Watchmen Cry Out)
1 Kings 1:46 (Solomon Has Taken His Seat on the Royal Throne)
Psalm 5:3 (Morning, I Lay My Requests Before You and Wait in Expectation)
Judges 13:25 (And the Spirit of the Lord Began to Stir Him)
Psalm 22:24 (For He Has Not Despised)
1 Kings 20:22 (Strengthen Your Position and See What Must Be Done)
Ezekiel 1:24z, 25 (A Voice from Above as They Stood with Lowered Wings)
Genesis 31:12 (For I have Seen All that Laban Has Been Doing to You)
Genesis 31:13a (I am the God of Bethel)
2 Kings 9:30 (Jezebel!)
Psalm 37:23, 24 (If the Lord Delights in a Man’s Way)
1 Chronicles 10:13, 14a (Saul Died Because)
Exodus 8:22, 23 ( I Will Make a Distinction)
Psalm 65:3 (When We Were Overwhelmed by Sins, You Forgave)
Psalm 87:3 (Glorious Things Are Said of You, O City of God)
Amos 8:11 (A Famine of Hearing the Words of the Lord)
Jonah 2:1 (From Inside the Fish Jonah Prayed to the Lord)
Numbers 8:2 (They Are to Light the Area in Front of the Lampstand)
Numbers 9:21b, 22 (But When It Lifted, They Would Set Out)
Zephaniah 1:12 (I Will Punish Those Who Are Complacent)
Zephaniah 1:18 (A Sudden End)
Numbers 23:23 (See What God Has Done!)
Malachi 3:2 ( He Will Be like a Refiner’s Fire or a Launderer’s Soap)
Numbers 33:55 (Those You Allow to Remain Will Become)
Job 16:19, 21 (My Advocate Is on High)
Isaiah 7:14 (Immanuel)
Isaiah 9:6b (And He Will Be Called)
Isaiah 9:6b (Wonderful Counselor)
Isaiah 9:6b (Mighty God)
Isaiah 9:6b (Everlasting Father)
Isaiah 9:6b (Prince of Peace)
Isaiah 9:7a (Of the Increase of His Government and Peace)
1 Samuel 17:10 (Give Me a Man!)
Isaiah 1:18 (Though Yours Sins Are like Scarlet)
1 Samuel 6:13 (They Rejoiced at the Sight)
Ezekiel 24:13a (Now Your Impurity Is Lewdness)
2 Kings 10:32 (In Those Days the Lord Began to Reduce the Size)
1 Samuel 2:1z (For I delight in Your Deliverance)
Genesis 19:27 (The Place Where He Had Stood Before the Lord)
Genesis 26:22 (Rehoboth, The Lord Has Given Us Room)
2 Chronicles 6:10 (The Lord Has Kept the Promise He Made)
Psalm 143:12z (For I Am Your Servant)
Exodus 2:11 (After Moses Had Grown Up?)
Psalm 42:1, 2 (My Soul’s Thirst for God)
1 Chronicles 11:11 (David’s Mighty Men)
Leviticus 19:2b (Be Holy, Because)
2 Chronicles 5:13b, 14 (Then the Temple of the Lord)
Hosea 9:10 (When I Found Israel, It Was Like)
2 Chronicles 18:21 (A Lying Spirit)
Numbers 2:2 (The Israelites Are to Camp Round)
2 Chronicles 30:9b (God Will not Turn His Face Away from You)
Jonah 3:5 (The Ninevites Believed God)
Numbers 31:6z (The Trumpets for Signalling)
Haggai 1:13, 14 (I Am with You)

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