Are You Facing a Test?

Tests in life are common. From childhood we have faced tests in examinations. But none of us have liked or welcomed the idea of facing tests. Yet they came at set times. The purpose of these tests was to find out how much we knew about what was taught. Most of us, in spite of having done well in tests, still have bad memories of the anxiety tests have created.

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Do Not Despise Your Birthright

Most of us are familiar with the story of Esau selling his birthright. In Esau we find a contempt for godly or spiritual realities. That is what we have to learn from his despising his birthright (Genesis 25:34). He gave up his birthright which included great spiritual blessings for some stew and bread. Do we also do the same thing? Do we give up spiritual things to get some earthly

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You Can Do Nothing Apart from Him

How it should tease us to think that a branch in a tree tries hard to remain where it is and tries all the more harder to bear fruit! Indeed, no branch does anything like that. It simply remains where it is. That is, it remains connected. In that connection it finds its link with life, nourishment and growth. As a result it naturally bears fruit.

So also with your

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Choose to Serve God as a Family

Choices confront us almost every day. And the choices we make have consequences. Some choices impact us for a short time, but others can affect eternity. One such choice is about serving God. It is not just about one or two decisions. Instead serving God is an attitude of choosing for God on a daily basis.

This is not just an individual choice alone. It includes our family as well.

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Saying “No” When Others Say “Yes”

We all face the problem of peer pressure. When all others are doing something we also feel the pressure to go along with them and be one of them. Often the crowd is after doing the wrong things. And they compell us to do the same. Some of those things might be popular even. So how do we tackle it as Christians?

It is indeed difficult to say “No,” when

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How To Be an Effective Witness

So many of us wonder how effective is our witness for Christ. Often we get discouraged that we are not called or gifted to do something spectacular for God. This is because we are often influenced by the value systems of the world which equates success with great performances.

But we need to understand that God does His greatest works through silent and quiet witness of practically unknown people. A

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Prayer-Stand in the Gap

Many Christians want to serve God. But they do not know how to do it. The best way to do it is to stand before God on behalf of others. You can best serve God in this manner.

We often think much about our struggles and difficulties in life. But at the same time, we need to remember that there are many Christian brothers and sisters who are much less … Read the rest

Simple Success Tips from the Life of Joshua


Joshua was not a superman. He was simply afraid and discouraged like any one of us. He needed encouragement. And God was gracious enough to provide it to him repeatedly (see Deuteronomy 31:7, 8, 23; Joshua 1:6, 7, 9; 8:1). His encouragement is available to you today. God is telling you to be strong and courageous. Because it is God who has called you and given you a task … Read the rest

Crossroads » Decision » Persistence » Blessing

We all come across crossroads in life. It is at these crossroads that we find that there are more than one road to choose from in which to travel forward.
These choices imply decisions. We are compelled to take decisions for determining the future course of action. But these decisions are sometimes not easy.
For some paths ahead will look easy, acceptable and comfortable. But some other paths will
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What Is Prayer?

One cannot read the Bible and miss its frequent records of prayer. Can you imagine the Bible without any mention of prayer? No. Why?

Because prayer is not a duty but the most natural way one expresses oneself to God. In that way it is something personal. Prayer therefore is carried forward on waves of a variety of emotions: Anger, sorrow, despair, joy, love, thankfulness all mix in prayer as … Read the rest