Why the Need for Repetitiveness in Worship?

I have never understood why there is such a detailed and repetitive description of offerings made at the anointing of the altar and its dedication when the tabernacle was set up (see Numbers 7:10–88). But there must be a purpose in all that the Spirit of God has recorded in Scripture.

First and foremost it was in response to God’s command (v. 11). It therefore is an example of joyous … Read the rest

666. The Mark of the Beast!

666. The Mark of the Beast!

Perhaps nothing else holds such fascination in the minds of believers and non-believers alike in these last days.
The first thing to note is that the beast or false prophet decieves the people of this earth (Rev. 13:14). This he is able to accomplish because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast. His very appearance is … Read the rest

Be Prepared!

Be prepared. There is no substitute for this. Do not for one moment think that you can get ready when this shout is heard: “Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him (Matthew 25:6)!” No. It will be tragic if you are found unprepared.

Be prepared. You do not know when Christ the bridegroom is coming for his bride whom he purchased by his own blood (Acts 20:28b, Ephesians 5:25–27). … Read the rest

Do You Have Work-Life Balance?

Work and worship. How do you balance this? Some people have come up with the concept of “Work is worship.” That cannot be right for God did not say anywhere that your work is equivalent to worship.

As we look at Leviticus Chapter 23 we find the appointed feasts of the Lord described. There in order to encourage worship of the Lord people were commanded not to work on certain … Read the rest

Will You Miss His Coming?

Jesus Christ is coming again. He is coming soon (Rev. 22:7, 12, 20). And he is coming like a thief in the night (Rev. 16:15, 2 Peter 3:10, 1 Thess. 5:2). He is coming at an unexpected time (Matt. 24:36, 42–44) when people will be saying peace and safety (1 Thess. 5:3).

Jesus himself warned that because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold (Matt. … Read the rest

Do You Know That Yesterday’s Anointing Is Not Enough for Today’s Battle?

Yesterday’s anointing is not enough for today’s battle. See, when David was anointed king, the Philistines came to attack him in full force (2 Samuel 5:17). Relying on his God he defeated them twice. But when David neglected to keep touch with God one woman bathing was enough to pull him down. What an army could not do, one woman was able to accomplish!

David’s neglect of duty, that is … Read the rest

God Is Inviting You To Be Holy!

Holiness is not an option for a believer in Jesus Christ. It is more than a command. It is a royal invitation to share the very nature of God. That is an awesome thought.

First of all holiness is not automatic. We do not become perfect or holy the moment we are born again. Of course, the new life in Jesus Christ gives us the grace and courage to say … Read the rest

Do You Lack Joy in Your Life?

Has there been a loss of joy in your life recently? Perhaps this question itself is shocking. Why? Because you somehow lost the understanding that Christian living is one of joy!

King David lost his joy because of the sins he committed. Therefore he prayed, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation (Psalm 51:12).” That means joy lost can be found. Prophet Isaiah says something similar, “With joy you … Read the rest

Finding Strength in God!

There are some moments in life you are left alone—deserted by friends and family. Those are moments everyone blames you. And you have no one to turn to for comfort or support.

David faced numerous such situations in life. But in none was he left alone like the situation he found himself in Ziklag. All the wives, sons and daughters in their camp were taken captive. Their camp itself was … Read the rest