When God Is Offering You Mercy, Do Not Refuse It!

When God is offering you something, do not dare to refuse it. Especially when he is offering mercy to you. Not that you deserve it. No. Not at all. God sees you are faithless. Yet he is offering mercy to you today.

What is your faithlessness? It is showing your back to your relationship with God and seeking out others or even material things. Sometimes your devotion to other people … Read the rest

Did You Know Good News Not Shared Is a Punishable Offence?

Good news spreads. Does it? No. It spreads only when it is shared.

The greatest tragedy of the church is that it is keeping the good news to itself. The primary thing is to experience the good news yourself. And then when you have tasted its joy, share it.

Four lepers walked into an enemy camp due to sheer desperation of lack of food in their own city. They go … Read the rest

What Have You Left to Follow Jesus?

Jesus is always ready to answer tough and probing questions. He had already told his disciples about his coming death. And then when a chance came, Peter asked Jesus, “We have left everything to follow you! What then will be there for us (Matthew 19:27)?”

Jesus did not find that question offensive!

Secondly, he answered with a bigger picture. The disciples possibly could not think beyond earthly returns. But Jesus … Read the rest

Look and Live!

Look and live! Can anything be more simple than this?

In answer to Moses’ prayer, God asked him to make a serpent and put it on a pole. So any one of the impatient, grumbling, fault-finding Israelites bitten by venomous snakes can look at it and live!

There was nothing magical in the bronze serpent. In later years as people started worshipping this bronze serpent, the godly king Hezekiah destroyed … Read the rest

Do You Lack the Courage to Wait for God?

“Stay there until I tell you (Matthew 2:13)” was the command Joseph received from an angel of the Lord.
He was asked to escape to Egypt with baby Jesus and Mary. He obeyed immediately, that very night (v. 14)! Then he was to wait until the word came from God.

Waiting is no easy task. Especially when no clue is given as to when the next marching orders will come. … Read the rest

Your Peace Came at a Huge Price!

“The punishment that brought us peace was upon him (Isaiah 53:5).”

Your peace depends totally, absolutely, completely and finally on this accomplished fact. There is nothing left for you to add to this fact. Just trust in what Jesus did on the cross for you.

You come to such an acceptance by humbling yourself before God. The fact that Jesus took your punishment means you are pardoned. No longer you … Read the rest

Will the Queen of the South Rise Up Against You?

Who is going to stand at the judgement to condemn you? The Queen of the South.

The queen of Sheba was a foreigner to Israel and lived far away. She heard about Solomon and traveled many many days to reach Jerusalem.

She heard two things about Solomon. One was his wisdom. The other was his relation to the name of the LORD. She came to test Solomon with hard questions. … Read the rest

Is Egypt Still in Your Heart?

You can come out of Egypt. But it is real hard to get Egypt out of your heart.

The Israelites were delivered from the slavery of Egypt by the mighty hand of the LORD and by observing the Passover. They were protected by the blood and later the Red Sea parted to open for them a highway in the midst of the sea.

In spite of seeing and experiencing the … Read the rest

Have You Found Out Your Purpose in Life?

Do you think Jesus came to earth without a purpose? Unimaginable; isn’t it?

Just take a look at John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Again, look at Luke 19:10, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” Both these statements, among many others, reflect the sense of purpose Jesus had. Would he expect anything … Read the rest