The Reality

The Reality

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Life is not easy. The life of faith not easy at all.

In my Sunday School days I grew up fascinated by stories of young David killing Goliath, Daniel unharmed in the den of lions and the dreamer Joseph becoming Prime Minister in Egypt.

As I grew up I also dreamed of becoming such a giant of faith. But then the reality slowly made itself … Read the rest

Closed Doors are a Blessing

Open doors in life means opportunity, progress and promotion. But unexpectedly certain open doors close. It leaves you desperate. Then you cry out, “O my God, where are you? Is it all over for me? Open one door for me. Give me a sign of your goodness.1

This cry comes from desperation. But you as God’s child need to be better informed about closed doors. They do not … Read the rest

Angels Come to Help during Temptations

We have a God who encourages us. He is One who “knows how we are formed,” and “remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:14 NIV). Therefore He has compassion on us. He makes His compassion known by giving us encouragement. It comes in a variety of ways. A timely word, a needed financial help, a long awaited answer to prayer are all ways through which God encourages. His encouragement is … Read the rest

Suicide is NOT an option but God’s help is!

STOP. Do not take your life. Help is on the way.

God is watching over you. He loves you unconditionally. He loves you in this moment of your trouble. He loves you just as you are.

Do you think that you are so dirty inside out that even you hate yourself? Even here and now, God accepts you as you are. With open arms He is ready to run to … Read the rest

You are Known by Name and Numbered

1, 2, 3 … 100 … 1000 … 10000 … million … trillion … zillion … infinity!

As the numbers grow big we stop counting. We assign them names. And when we lose count totally, we say “infinity!”

But, as usual, let us start with “One!” You are one among many. You have a name. It gives you an identity. You love it. It sums up the totality of your … Read the rest

Prayer Life of Jesus Christ


Jesus prayed! Even though He was the Son of God, Jesus prayed while He was on earth. This is amazing because it tells us of our deep need of prayer. If even the Son of God needed to pray, how much more do we stand in need of prayer!

The First Step

The beginning of Jesus’ ministry on earth was begun with prayer. As Jesus was baptized marking the … Read the rest