Gifts Will Be Brought to the Lord Almighty

At that time gifts will be brought to the Lord Almighty … the gifts will be brought to Mount Zion, the place of the Name of the Lord Almighty (Isaiah 18:7 NIV).

Is God in need of gifts from men? Certainly not. For God says, “The world is mine and all that is in it” (Psalm 50:12b). But then this prophetic passage talks about a particular time and a particular … Read the rest

Finished All the Work

So Huram finished all the work he had undertaken for King Solomon in the temple of the Lord (1 Kings 7:40b NIV).

God places great importance to the completion of a work undertaken. This is especially true when it is a work for the Lord. The kingdom of God has suffered much because many thousands of people failed to complete what they began. The reasons vary from lack of clear … Read the rest

Read All the Words — the Blessings and the Curses

Afterward, Joshua read all the words of the law–the blessings and the curses–just as it is written in the Book of the Law. There was not a word of all that Moses commanded that Joshua did not read to the whole assembly of Israel, including the women and children, the aliens who lived among them (Joshua 8:34,35 NIV).

At the first chance that Joshua got, he built an altar to … Read the rest

Instead Of Carrying Out Your Duty, You Put Others

Instead of carrying out your duty in regard to my holy things, you put others in charge of my sanctuary (Ezekiel 44:8 NIV).

Evasion of responsibility is not good. It becomes doubly sinful when you evade a God-given responsibility. Added to that when you put others who have no relation to God in charge of those things, it becomes absolutely sinful. And God is not pleased at all with this … Read the rest

So He Did What the Lord Had Told Him

So he did what the Lord had told him (1 Kings 17:5a NIV).

God will provide. Even though it is true, there is more to be said about it. God’s provision becomes visible and reachable to those who do what the Lord tells them to do. Let us look at Elijah. He was a mighty prophet of the Lord. He told the king of the land that there won’t be … Read the rest

Send Some Men to Explore the Land

Send some men to explore the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites. From each ancestral tribe send one of its leaders (Numbers 13:2 NIV).

God sends us to explore only those things that He has already given to us. That means that even though it is not in our hands now, He has already decided to give it to you. It becomes a reality when we … Read the rest

Upper and Lower Springs

She replied, “Do me a special favor. Since you have given me land in the Negev, give me also springs of water.” So Caleb gave her the upper and lower springs (Joshua 15:19 NIV).

God has given us all a measure of talents and wisdom and ability. They are like the field that Acsah got, while she was given in marriage to Othniel, as an inheritance. So the fields here … Read the rest

Why Do You Discourage?

Why do you discourage the Israelites from going over into the land the Lord has given them? (Numbers 32:7 NIV).

Nearly every believer goes through discouragement at one time or the other. It can happen due to a variety of reasons. One of them is dealt with here. The cause of this kind of discouragement is fellow believers themselves. It may sound surprising but it is found true in the … Read the rest

Phinehas, Zealous for God’s Honor

Phinehas son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron, the priest, has turned my anger away from the Israelites; for he was as zealous as I am for my honor among them, so that in my zeal I did not put an end to them (Numbers 25:11 NIV).

Four things emerge from this incident. The most important thing is that God is zealous for His honor. He cannot allow us to … Read the rest

Seek Me and Live

This is what the Lord says to the house of Israel: ‘Seek me and live’ (Amos 5:4 NIV).

God’s message to you is very simple: “Seek Me and live.” You are left in no doubt about this. It is not religious experiences that you should seek. It is not places of pilgrimage that you should seek. But it is Him that you should seek.

The greatest reason for this is … Read the rest