The Angel of the Lord Called a Second Time

The angel of the Lord called to Abraham from heaven a second time (Genesis 22:15 NIV).

The first call was to show Abraham God’s provision of a ram. It was sacrificed instead of his son Isaac. And Abraham acknowledged that by naming that placeĀ The Lord Will Provide.

Then came the second call. This time it was the Lord’s turn to acknowledge the remarkable obedience of Abraham. The angel … Read the rest

Stages of Christian Growth

Like a newborn child grows day by day, a born again person is also like a child growing in the life of faith. Here are different stages of a Christian’s walk of faith. These stages may not happen exactly in the order described below. But it might help in understanding the changes that can happen to you.

The Happy Stage
This is the first stage of a believer’s life. Everybody … Read the rest

Forget the Past

There is great danger in living in the past. If you have a problem in this area of life, then you ought to remember that there is an empty tomb in the land of Israel. Only one of its kind exists in the world. This empty tomb is the symbol of your hope for the future. Yes, there is a resurrection for your lost hopes.

Life can be cruel at … Read the rest

Seek Me and Live

There is only One who can make this claim. If you seek Him; you will live.

If you need to know life to the fullest, then you must focus on seeking God. But this seeking does not come easy. There are many voices calling out to you to give them your attention. In this clash of voices, the voice of God is often crowded out. One of the first things

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