The [Empty] Tomb of Jesus!

The tomb holds great significance in the life of Jesus.

He died like a little child falling asleep into his heavenly Father’s arms with the prayer every little child was taught by a Jewish mother to pray as he was retiring to sleep at night (Psalm 31:5, Luke 23:46).

He then got a borrowed tomb (Matthew 27:60). Yet it was fulfilment of prophecy that he will get a rich man’s … Read the rest

This Same Jesus Will Come Back

This same Jesus will come back (see Acts 1:11).

He and not another. What a blessed hope. That is the last message the disciples got as they looked up into the sky.
The certainty of his coming is assured. The manner of his coming will be the same way he went up to heaven.
Why is he coming back? To take us to be with him. He is preparing a … Read the rest

“Follow Me!”

Have you ever wondered what the risen Lord would tell you if he meets with you today? He would say “Follow me!”
He said that to Peter twice in rapid succession (see John 21:19 and 22). To Peter the call was very clear. He was to follow his Master to death. Legends say Peter was crucified upside down on a cross.

From the passage it is very clear that the … Read the rest

Jesus Does Not Want You to Remain in the Place of Your Failure!

“But that night they caught nothing (John 21:3).”

The risen Lord chose a moment of the disciples’ failure to reveal himself. There are moments when our experience and expertise fails. It was so for those experienced fishermen of Galilee that night.

Now the best part of the incident is that Jesus is still the loving Saviour watching over his own. He knows what has caused you to go out fishing … Read the rest

Dashed Hopes and Dead Ends!

Jerusalem was where Jesus was crucified. Two disciples made their way to Emmaus on Sunday evening after the crucifixion. The seven mile journey was long, but more lonely that day as they were sad and their faces downcast.

The risen Lord drew near to them, talked with them and walked along with them. He does that even today as you walk away from Jerusalem. Here Jerusalem stands for dashed hopes … Read the rest

Are You Looking for Jesus?

“For I know that you are looking for Jesus (Matthew 28:5).”

The resurrection message is for those who are looking for Jesus! The women could have easily stayed at home that morning. Like how the disciples did. But their coming to the tomb was the expression of a deliberate attempt to look for Jesus.

How deliberate is your attempt to seek Jesus?

Secondly, they not only were intent on coming … Read the rest

The Hope That Exceeds All Hope!

Hope is the gift that Jesus gave to us through his resurrection. It is a hope that stretches beyond the grave. Therefore Paul said, “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men (1 Cor. 15: 19).”

First of all this hope gives us the assurance that death is not the final chapter in a believer’s life. Instead it is … Read the rest

“It is I myself.”

“It is I myself.”

Doubts and fears has to leave at this assurance from Jesus, “It is I myself (Luke 24:39).”
There is no dark room which cannot be set ablaze with light at this assurance from him, “It is I myself.”

He says this to remind you and me that he is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He who welcomed people to come to him … Read the rest

“My Lord and My God!”

Most of us find a terrible joy in labelling people negatively. Perhaps no one else among the disciples of Jesus got a negative label than Thomas. We love to call him “Doubting Thomas.”

But the more I think about it, the incident related to the risen Lord appearing to Thomas is about how Jesus deals gently with you and me (John 20:24–29).

The first thought is that the risen Lord … Read the rest

Every Heart Has a Locked Room!

Are you in a locked room?

Every heart has a locked room. That is where you hide when you are afraid. The risen Lord steps into such hiding places and says “Peace be with you!” (John 20:19, 21a).

Jesus does not desire that you lock yourself in fear. Not only does he grant peace but the resurrection is his invitation to come out into the open. You might have failed … Read the rest