Friendship with God

(Part 6–Your Relationship with God)

Did you know that God loves to be a friend with you? Even though you might first not believe it, it is true. Jesus called His disciples friends because He shared with them whatever God the Father taught Him. And He expected them to do whatever He said to them. So the true test of our friendship with God is our obedience to His commands.

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A Simple Lesson-Praise!

(Part 5–Your Relationship with God)

Most Christians learn this simple lesson only years and years after they come to have a relationship with God. But if you can start at this point, then you’ll enjoy your relationship with God much better.

After the initial joy of becoming a Christian, a person is soon faced with many little problems in his personal life. It can be related to his doubts about

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The LORD Is Your Shepherd

(Part 4–Your Relationship with God)

One of the first verses a Christian becomes familiar with is Psalm 23:1 which says, The LORD is my shepherd. There is a sense of belonging here. How blessed a truth this is. You are not alone in this world. You have someone to guide you and care for you. How boldly and boastfully (in a good sense) you can say, God is MY shepherd.

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Gift, Grace, Glory

(Part 3–Your Relationship with God)

This world is performance-oriented. So we also think that we need to do something to earn God’s favour and blessing. Though obeying God brings God’s blessing to us, our salvation does not depend on our doing something. Yet many people do not realize this.

They go for pilgrimage to various places, inflict pain on their bodies, they give money to charity; doing all these thinking

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Love, Not Fear

(Part 2–Your Relationship with God)

When you fall in love, you become deeply aware of the other person. Suddenly, the other person becomes very real to you. He or she is often in your thoughts. The same thing is true with our relationship with God. It is characterized by love. Most Christians fear God. That is good if the fear is born of reverence and awe. But if the fear

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Your Relationship with God

Part 1
It is sad to see many Christians live all their lives without a relationship with God. They might attend church, read the Bible, participate in prayer meetings and do all kinds of charity. Yet they lack a real, loving relationship with God. I hope that you are not one among many who value church traditions more than your relationship with God.

The starting point of the relationship is

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